Technical Document
Product Name Description Language Issue Date File
C200 Economy Vector Control Drive English 2015/08/21
C2000 Vector Control Drive English 2016/03/14
CH2000 Heavy Duty Vector Control Drive English 2016/04/25
CP2000 VFD-F Series to CP2000 Series Product Replacement Guide English 2012/02/21
CP2000 (Ver.B) Fan/Pump Vector Control Drive English 2015/05/28
CT2000 Textile Vector Control Drive English 2015/12/02
Delta AC Motor Drives' Label Modification For all series Multilanguage 2016/04/22
VFD-B General Purpose Drives English 2008/07/25
VFD-E Sensorless Vector Control Compact Drive English 2016/05/16
VFD-EL Sensorless Vector Control Compact Drive English 2016/03/08
VFD-L User Manual Compact and Panel-installation Drives For 0.2KW-1.5KW English 2002/05/31
VFD-M SVC Micro Drives English 2015/08/31
VFD-M-D Elevator Door Drives English 2009/05/06
VFD-S Simple Type Drives English 2016/04/12
VFD-VJ Hybrid Servo Drives English 2014/10/15